J-Walkers Support Our Troops – Veterans Day – November 11th

The J-Walkers are encouraging all families to help in supporting our troops this Veterans Day, November 11th

We will have boxes in the fellowship hall for our Trondhjem military members who are currently serving our country.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll be collecting small items, letters and cards made by the Sunday School and congregation and mailing them one big love package from Trondhjem.  If you know the young people personally, or have just heard their names as we pray for them every Sunday, please feel free to participate in this fun project.  We’re aiming to mail these at the October 21st so they’ll arrive in our soldier’s hands by Veterans Day.

Suggestions for possible items to include in their boxes – (most of which can be picked up at dollar stores) Socks, Toothbrushes with built in tooth paste; Batteries; Razors; Hair Gels; Deodorant;  Flip flops; beef jerky; Candy (not chocolate or anything that could melt); any microwave food (popcorn, browies,  meals; etc)

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