What’s in the Bible

At the end of November we will begin a new church year.  Most of our gospel readings will now come from the gospel of Matthew.  Some people may find it helpful to become better acquainted with this gospel before the new church year begins.

November 7         Matthew—the Early Chapters

We will look at the first seven chapters of Matthew’s gospel.  This will cover the birth narratives, the role of prophecy in Matthew, Jesus as the new Moses, and the Sermon on the Mount. 

November 14 Matthew—Unique Passages

Each gospel has some passages that are not in any other gospel.  We will look at those passages, trying to understand what God is saying to Matthew’s church and now to us through these unique verses.

November 21 Matthew—the Church’s Gospel

Matthew became the favorite gospel of those who were creating the earliest Christian communities.  We will look at some of these texts.

 Pastor Howard will lead these studies.  They are open to all ages.  All questions will be answered.  The plan is to meet in the multi-purpose room in the west hallway, beginning at 9 am.

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