Adult Bible Study in January to Focus on Current Events

There will be an adult Bible study and discussion between services during the month of January.  It will meet from 9:00 am – 9:45 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Grab a cup of coffee and bring it with you and enjoy this study time with Pastor Howard.  We’ll skip the first Sunday, but there will be sessions on January 9, 16, 23, and 30.

Pastor Howard will be using the resource, The Wired Word.  He receives it by email every Thursday.  The producers of the study materials find a current event to which they shine the light of the biblical witness.

It is more than a discussion of a current event.  Rather, the current event is used as a launching pad from which to enter into a deeper discussion.  Recent topics have included dueling billboards about Christmas, Wiki Leaks, and the death of Elizabeth Edwards.  The deeper discussion suggestions have ventured into defending the Christian faith versus witnessing to the Christian faith.  Wiki Leaks initiated a discussion into the topics of privacy and confidentiality.  Elizabeth Edwards inspired a discussion about discipleship, even in the faith of adversity.

The time together will include a discussion of relevant biblical passages.  Bibles will be provided, but you can always bring your own.

Pastor Howard will know what the topic is on Thursday, and will try to promote the topic with a posting on our website.

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