Adult Bible Study returns with The Wired Word

There will be adult Bible study and discussion between services beginning on October 23 and continuing through November 13.  It will meet from 9:00 am – 9:45 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Grab a cup of coffee and bring it with you and enjoy this study time with Pastor Howard.

The Wired Word is emailed to Pastor Howard every Thursday.  It examines a current event and applies the light of God’s Word to the event.  Each class will follow a pattern:

Discussion of the current event and our opinions.

v What are the “big” questions that arise?

v What scriptures help us to understand our faith response?

v How would God have us live in response to the event?

Recent topics that The Wired Word staff has focused upon include:

“Pat Robertson Talks About Divorcing Alzheimer’s Spouse;”

“US Poverty Rate at 15%;”

“Tenth Anniversary of 9/11;” and

“Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?”

Bibles will be provided, but you can always bring your own.  Pastor Howard will know what the topic is on Thursday, and will try to promote the topic with a posting on our website.

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