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History of Trondhjem Lutheran Church

Trondhjem Church has been described as the church on the hill whether it be the old building or since 1985, the new facility, Trondhjem has had a hill top view of the lush country side.

This hilly terrain was quite appealing to the group of Norwegian immigrants who came to America in the early 1870’s, much like their homeland in Trondhjem, Norway.  They settled in the area that soon became the village of Trondhjem.  On May 15, 1876, about 90 people met for the organizational meeting of Trondhjem congregation. 

Worship services where held in nearby homes until 1878 when the first church building was erected.  This building was sufficient until 1898 when the congregation decided it needed to be remodeled or rebuilt.  The old building was torn down and a new one constructed which was four feet wider and six feet longer, and topped off with a steeple.  Electric lights were added in 1940 and a furnace in 1949.

In May of 1959 the congregation purchased a vacant school house near the church.  This building was used for special events, fellowship and Vacation Bible school until in 1972 when a fellowship hall was added to the church.

By the 1980’s it had become quite obvious that the size of the existing church building was a hindrance to Trondhjem’s ministry. The congregation took “A Venture in Faith” and in 1987 a new church building, in a new location was built.

The new building was a true blessing to this ministry and growing community.  But as the community continued to grow, Trondhjem’s ministry outgrew their building.  In 2003, “A Covenant with Tomorrow” financial campaign began, and in 2004 the addition and remodeling project began.

Trondhjem has been a member of five different Lutheran Synods:

  • 1879:  Danish – Norwegian Conference.
  • 1900:  United Norwegian Lutheran Church
  • 1903:  Lutheran Free Church
  • 1960:  American Lutheran Church
  • 1987:  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Trondhjem was a two point parish for many years, sharing a pastor with Highview Lutheran Church in Lakeville, until when in 1972, Highview found the need for a pastor full time.   As a result of this, in June of 1972, Pastor Gerald Melby was called to serve the Trondhjem parish and St. John’s Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) of Webster. This was a new and unique phase of the Christian ministry with one pastor servicing two different synods.  This relationship was proven to be a blessing for many until in 1997, when the Missouri Synod Leadership decided it should end. 

In 1997, Trondhjem took another step of faith, and called their first full time pastor. In order to do that, Trondhjem was put on “Mission Status” and received financial help from the synod and other ELCA congregation for 3 years.

In 2004 Trondhjem began a building addition project which include a new kitchen, larger fellowship hall, several classrooms, a choir room, and offices.

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