Opportunity to make a difference through “Blood: Water Mission”

Over the next 20 weeks, from the first Sunday of Advent to Easter, we will have the opportunity to focus on a mission outreach project. This project will connect us with “Blood:Water Mission”.

They do two things, AIDS/HIV healthcare and dig wells. Both are great areas that the resources of this congregation can be used to be Christ’s hands and feet to those less fortunate. (more…)

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Trondhjem Joins the ELCA Malaria Campaign

The Minnesota mosquitos are out in full force and are they ever irritating! But in parts of the world, they are life threating. Every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria and Trondhjem wants to do something about that.
We hope to have 150 households supporting this effort by giving $10 each.

We have join the ELCA Malaria Campaign to do the following:

    Supply mosquito nets to a family
    Spray homes with insecticides
    Provide anti-malarial medication
    Support water treatment projects
    Educate about how to prevent, diagnose, and treat malaria.

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